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I ♥ Arashi

Forever and ever

Just call me Miwako-chan
19 April
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Just call me Miwako-chan

Last Updated: April 24, 2006

+ Her real name ish Kate, but you may just call her Miwako-chan.
+ She is 20 years old.
+ She was born on April 19, 1985.
+ She is Korean.
+ She is adopted.
+ Her location is New Hartford, New York.
+ Her one true love will probably NEVER love her back.

+ Is a photo journal.
+ Friends Only.
+ A place she calls her sanctuary.

+ When Shaun calls her pretty
+ The color PINK!!!
+ Paradise Kiss
+ Anime is the light of her life.
+ Her kitty named Angel.
+ Her friends.
+ Wearing pigtails.
+ Collecting and making jewelry.
+ Hair dye
+ Makeup
+ Fashion & Design
+ DIY projects ^-^
+ Writing stories, songs, and poetry.
+ Reading as many books and manga she can get her hands on.
+ Listening to music, even though she vaugely pays attention to bands.
+ Ninjas
+ Cosplay -always dreams of doing it-

+ Slow drivers
+ Stupid drivers
+ Alcoholics
+ Sexists
+ Racists
+ Animal cruelty
+ Losing money
+ Being second best in a realtionship
+ Her computer when it restarts
+ Being cold
+ Loving someone you can't call your own
+ Cold showers
+ Bad hair days
+ Screaming children

+ Paradise Kiss is a five volume long manga, and a twelve episode long anime that captivated her heart.

+ Yukari is a young girl who has only ever been concerned about school and getting into a good college. One day while walking to her cram school, her world was turned upside down by a handful of Yaza Arts students when they ask Yukari to become thier model for the school fashion show.

+ What is a girl to do with so much going on? If the preasure of entrance exams doesn't break her, perhaps the mysterious, cold and distant dreammer George will.

+ Join Yukari on her journey to self-discovery, and the discovery of making new friends in places she never thought possible. Watch and read along as she decides what her dreams truly are, and what she'll do to make them come true.

+ Does not claim any rights or ownerships to the fictional character Miwako.
+ Does not claim any rights or ownership to Paradise Kiss.
+ Recognizes and aknowledges Ai Yazawa-sama as the respective copyright holder to all Paradise Kiss material.

+ Created in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9.
+ Features Miwako and Arashi from Paradise Kiss.
+ Took two hours to complete.
+ Copyright © 2006 to Miwako-chan.